I am still confused about Desktop License and Web/Mobile License.

  • What is Desktop version, what is Web/Mobile version?

    Desktop version is a Java application. You need to download etsviewer.jar to your computer and then run it using the java command as explained in step By step instructions.

    Web/Mobile version is the version that you can access from any browser by going to http://webets.enthuware.com. You don't need to install anything. It has been optimised to work from your mobile devices. You don't need to install any special mobile app.

    All versions contain the same questions and tests but your usage data such as test results/scores are not synched between the Desktop and the Web version.
  • Do I require internet connection for any version?

    You don't need internet connection for the Desktop version. You DO need internet connection for Web version.
  • Is the content i.e. the questions and explanations, same in all the versions??

    Yes, content is same in all. However, features of the simulators are different. For example, the desktop version allows you to customize tests but Web version does not. Please try the trial versions to make sure you are comfortable with the version you intend to use before purchase.
  • If I buy the software, can I repeat the tests?

    Yes, you can take any test any number of times in either of the access modes. However, access to Web/Mobile version is for a limited period only. So you cannot take tests on Web/Mobile version after the Web/Mobile license period expires.
    Desktop license is not time limited. You can use it and take tests as long as you want. Customer support for Desktop version is for 6 months only. We do not provide any support whatsoever (installation or otherwise) after 6 months of purchase.
  • Does the software's content cover exactly the same as the Kindle Edition (if available)?

  • How can I do the tests on Kindle Edition?

    Kindle version is just an ebook. You can do the tests as if the tests are printed on paper. It is not interactive. You have to check the answer and decide yourself whether you answered correctly or not and keep your own score. You can download the sample from Amazon to understand how exactly it can be used.
  • If I buy the software, can I get updates when you update the software?

  • If I buy the Kindle Edition (in mobi format), can I get updates when you update the content?

    Yes, but they are a lot less frequent than the s/w version and we don't know when Amazon will push the update to your device. It is beyond our control.

How do I order and get multiple licenses?

1. While placing the order, you will see a text field for entering the number of licenses. To order multiple licenses, just specify the number of licenses you need in this field. Depending of number of licenses, any applicable discounts will be applied automatically and the final price will be shown before order submission. You will be given an Order ID once the order is processed. You do NOT have to specify inidividual users while placing the order.

2. Since a license is tied to an actual user, a licence cannot be mailed to you automatically once you place an order. We will send you a link to an admin page, where you can specify your actual users and generate licenses for them. You need not generate all the licenses at once. You can generate them as and when you need. Users will automatically get the license and instructions to use the s/w.

Can the License be transferred?

Desktop License does not expire and you can use it as long as you want and on which ever machine you want, but the license cannot be transferred to another person. Only the purchaser (or the one for whom the license is purchased) is authorized to use the product. If you have purchased multiple licenses, once you assign a license to an end user, you cannot reassign the same license to another user.

Does the License expire?

The Desktop license does not expire. You can use it as long as you need. However, free upgrades and support are available only up to 6 months after purchase so please keep your license safe in case you need it after 6 months. It cannot be retrieved from our server after six months of purchase and we do not provide any support after 6 months of purchase.

The Web/Mobile license expires after the subscription period. You will not be able to login after this period.
To get additional Web/Mobile access, you may go to the same order page and purchase additional Web access.

On how many systems can I install the s/w using one license and how long can I use the s/w?

You can use an ETS Question Bank on any machine you want. The same license key will work. However, only you are the licensed user and not anybody else. Having other people use your license key would not only be unfair to us but would also be illegal.
You can use the s/w as long as you need. There is no time limit. However, free upgrades and support are provided only up to 6 months after purchase.

Note: Access to Web/Android version is on monthly basis because it requires continuous access to our servers to store your data.