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About Question com.enthuware.ets.scjp.v6.2.57 :

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I'm not sure why my question is linked to this one, but cuz it brought me here after pressing "Discuss", I'd like you to have a look at this one.
As for me, this question is confusing. What are there
1, 4
0, 4
supposed to mean? I believe this was meant to point to the line numbers
respectively. I knew that there are 4 objects available for gc after line 2 but how should I know that I need to pick 0, 4 and not 1, 4? :D

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Re: About Question com.enthuware.ets.scjp.v6.2.57 :

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The question is asking you to determine the number of objects that are eligible for GC immediately after line marked //1 and after line marked //2.
There are no eligible objects right after //1 and there are 4 eligible objects right after //4.
Not sure what is the confusion.
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