First results of the practical tests

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First results of the practical tests

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I am using the enthuware simulator for the last 4 days. I like it.
My question: Is it normal to fail the exams when you take them for the first time:
For example:
Starter test: 1 attempt - score 60%, second attempt 67%.
Test 1: 1 attempt -score 60%, second attempt 71%.
Test 2: 1 attempt -score 61%,
Test 3: 1 attempt -score 56%, second attempt 86%.
Test 4: 1 attempt - score 58%
Test 5: 1 attempt - score 50%

I read the Mala Gupta book and took the 90 question mock exam 71% there. Is it normal to fail the first tries to cover the tests? Do you have some kind of statistic for the tests taken on the first time? Another thing I want to know is on which time is it normal to take all of the tests with pass rate > 75-80%?

Thank you for the simulator :)

PS:Sorry if this is not the appropriate place for this topic.

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Re: First results of the practical tests

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It is ok to fail a test in first attempt. But it is not ok to keep taking tests after failing a test. If you fail a test, you must go back to a book and study the topics on which you scored less.
Only after that you should take the next test. If you fail the next test again, that means you did you study well after the previous test.
You should repeat this process instead of keep attempting tests.

Also, you should ignore scores of the second attempts of the same test. Such scores are misleading because you remember the answers.

Your scores tell me that you are not making the best use of the s/w.

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