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How do I order and get multiple licenses?

1. To order multiple licenses, just specify the number of licenses you need on the order page. Depending of number of licenses, any available discounts will be applied automatically and the final price will be shown before order submission. You will be given an Order ID once the order is processed.

2. Since a license is tied to an actual user, a licence cannot be mailed to you automatically once you place an order. To get individual licenses for each of your users, just give your users the Order ID and the email id that you used while ordering. They should enter the order id, order email id, their name, and their email id in the Automatic Licensing tab and download the license as shown in the image below.

Multiple Users

Only as many users will be able to download the license as the number of licenses purchased.

Another option is to contact us and let us know the name and email id of all the users and we will email them their licenses.