Standard Tests vs Objective wise Tests

Do the Standard Tests and Objective wise Tests contain the same questions? Which one should I take?

Standard Tests and Objective wise Test are two different strategies for attempting the same questions.

Standard Tests are preconfigured tests that cover all the questions in the question bank. Each Standard Test contains questions from all the objectives. If you take all the Standard Tests, you would see all the available questions. Therefore, if you take an Objective wise test after taking all the Standard Tests, you will not see any new question.
You should take Standard Tests if you have already gone through a book and want to prepare for the final exam by attempting tests that are similar to the final exam.

Objective-wise Tests pick random questions from the question bank only for a given Exam Objective.
You should use these tests if you are studying from a book and want to attempt questions on a particular topic to solidify you understanding on the subject. If you take an Objective Test and then a Standard Tests, there is a high probability that you will see some of the questions that you have already seen on the Objective Test.

Some question banks may have Practice Tests as well. They pick random questions from the question bank only for a given Toughness Level. It might be useful for advanced users but we do not recommend this option.

Besides the above options, you can create your own tests under Custom Tests.

What should I do if I never want to repeat a question?

Take Standard Tests one by one. You will cover all the questions in the question bank and you will never see a duplicate.

Customer Reviews

Frits Walraven

The one thing I always advise is to buy the Enthuware mock exams because the way they ask questions is simular to the real exam. Also the difficulty level is simular. Apart from those advantages they give explanations to the questions you had wrong.


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