Access to Pearson / Certview online

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Access to Pearson / Certview online

Post by abdulazizali »

Ive been communicating with Oracle Support since yesterday 17 Aug Mon but i was wondering if anyone else is facing problems like i am.
They (Oracle) apparently did a 'maintenance' of the testing platform last weekend which turned out to be a migration of Pearson Oracle ( to be completely managed by Oracle as accessed through CertView ( Since yesterday Monday 17 Aug have not been able to access their new fangled site, nor reschedule nor start my exam which i was planning on sitting for yesterday (and relatedly sit for two other exams at the end of the month).

Now the new Certview site isnt all too clear to me and how and where one is supposed to click to either start an exam or reschedule an exam is no where to be seen by any visible 'Start' or 'Reschedule' apart from one large 'CertView' button on the top left corner and 'Manage Pearson...' button on the left sidebar. Support continually says to click on the 'CertView' button and keeps iterating please try again or furnish us with error if you have problems logging in ..... (fuming frustration here...).

Clicking on 'Certview' only gives 302s for me which lands back to the same page and clicking on 'Manage Pearson ... ' gives me "Temporary error please try again ..." (head banging on wall here...). I tried on a variety of browsers (Chrome, IE11 (!), IE Edge, Firefox, Brave, Opera) and one other laptop both running Win10. I dont want to startup my old XP nor old MacBook.

Am only wondering if im stuck in a private island where Oracle hates me for being overly vocal, abrasive (unabashedly so!) and nonpolitically correct about my views and feelings about their subpar services, or are others facing similar/identical problems.
In comparison my previous experiences with Pearson online has been seamless and did not face any problems with the last two exams i took (815 and 816 last two weeks). Also as comparison i did face problems with Pivotal which were fixed and zero problems with Datastax (early in the year).

Apologies for the rant/vent. Would be interesting to hear how others are faring. Thank you

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Re: Access to Pearson / Certview online

Post by gedanother »

I understand your frustration and the importance of being able to schedule and take your exams. I recommend continuing to work closely with Oracle Support to resolve the issue and explore alternative avenues for seeking assistance, such as online forums or communities dedicated to Oracle certifications.

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