I'm so scared about exam rule

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I'm so scared about exam rule

Post by triestja »

this is my first time that I'm taking a Java exam in center..
throw my study and preparation i used to take an empty paper and pencil and ruler
for question to put ideas on it

like for-exmple
the question that asked about loops
i need paper and pen to trace step-by-step
which I've heard is that in the exam u are not allowed to bring anything with u! :(

how i'm gonna answer the question that need tracing plz help

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Re: I'm so scared about exam rule

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Relax. The exam is not that hard. Just stay focused and apply the basic concepts correctly. You will be fine if you have passed our mock exams in first attempt.

Pen and paper will be provided by the center. Ask for it if they don't give you automatically. But you won't need it for more than 1 or 2 questions.
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