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Google Disk

Post by LeshaRB »

I have two computers and I sync my folder via Google Disk

For some reason, when trying to download the etsviewer .jar file
Swears at the virus
"Sorry, this file is infected with a virus" Google Drive Download Error

Moreover, some versions of etsviewer .jar are downloaded normally

Can this be solved?

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Re: Google Disk

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There is only one current version of etsviewer.jar and that is available here:

This jar is signed with a proper EV SSL certificate (previous versions of the jar were not signed and so some virus scanners were flagging it as trojan/virus).

So, please download the above jar.

BTW, the jar file itself has no question bank data. I contains only the view logic. You don't need to keep it in a shared folder. You can keep it on your local machine. Question data is contained in *.ets files, which can be downloaded from These files also need not be in the shared folder.

Only user data such as test history and notes should be saved in a shared folder (if you want to access them from multiple machines) Please see this for details: ... e-machines
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