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About Question enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1319 :

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The question is: "An overriding method can declare ArithmeticException in its throws clause even if the overridden method does not have any throws clause" (true/false).

The answer is "Since ArithmeticException is a RuntimeException. Any method can throw it without declaring it in its throws clause.".

I feel like the answer is not related to the question. The question is about what you can put in a throws clause (relative to its super method), but the answer is not concerned with that. It simply says you can throw a runtime exception whenever.

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Re: About Question enthuware.ocpjp.v8.2.1319 :

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The question is not a general question about throws cluase. It is very specific. It is about whether you can have ArithmeticExcpetion in a throws clause in an overriding method. The explanation correctly explains why that is ok.

Even so, we will enhance the explanation to make it better.

thank you for your feedback.
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