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numeric promotion

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I have a question about this code example:

Why do we have a compiler time error?
Casting comes befor + operator, so I dont' understand why do we have int now.

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	short a = 1;
	short b = 2;
	short c = (short)a + (short)b;
I know, correct will be

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int c = a + b;

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short c = (short) ( a+b )
due to numeric promotion;

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Re: numeric promotion

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Good question. That is because a result of a binary numeric operation is always at least as large as an int. So, even though you have cast a and b to short, the result of the plus operator is still an int, which can't be assigned to a short without a cast. This is explained in detail in JFC JA Fundamentals study guide by Hanumant Deshmukh on page 123.
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Re: numeric promotion

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