About Question enthuware.ocmjea.v6.2.67 :

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About Question enthuware.ocmjea.v6.2.67 :

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Why is answerJAX-WS & JCA?
EIS - may be old database system and closest analogy JCA is JDBC for following requirements.
But why answer is JAX-WS i don't understand, i haven seen no facts for that option

Amaze Corporation has decided to develop a single-instance multi tiered application that can integrate with its existing EIS resources. You are the technical lead for the integration team, responsible for providing the following:
1. A Comman interface that can easily access the heterogenous EIS resources.
2. Generic transaction mechanism support for EIS resource manager.
3. A connection pool to legancy EIS resources.

Which two technologies would you use to meet these requirements?
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