About Question enthuware.ocmjea.v6.2.126 :

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About Question enthuware.ocmjea.v6.2.126 :

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Reading the book OCM Java EE 6 - Enterprise Architect Exam Guide, I've found that:
- JMS is not recommended for non-Java integration
- JCA is tight coupling between EIS and application

So, JMS and JCA are not good choices.

XML over HTTPS, regardless the fact that It "uses standards to address QoS requirementes for security and reliability", it needs to use JTA for transaction management.

JBI, which is a specification that "defines a standard means for assembling integration components" has loosely couple as one of its goals. Furthermore, it provides support for transactions. So, I think that the best answer for this question is JBI.

What do you think?

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Re: About Question enthuware.ocmjea.v6.2.126 :

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As the explanation notes, JMS is indeed a pure Java solution. It cannot directly interact with a non-Java application. However, you can write message driven beans for the non-java application side and have those beans invoke non-java components using JCA.

JCA provides a standard API through which an application can access a resource that is outside the Java EE. Thus, non-java components can be exposed to the MDBs through JCA.

That is why, in this particular question, combination of JMS and JCA is the correct answer.
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