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Thank you

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I went from scoring 15-25% to 75-80% after a few weeks of using these test questions to guide my studies.
When I finally took the actual 1Z0-811 exam, my first attempt scored 81.8%
Unlike some other example tests, I found the questions and answers to be true-to-life.
Beware that there are practice tests published elsewhere which would mislead you due to incorrect answers and typographical errors.

The example questions here were often much harder than the actual test questions.
However, I think it was necessary that the practice exam be harder.
If the example questions had been easier, I might have been led into a false sense of confidence and I probably would not have continued trying to improve my scores.

Based on my experience, I feel confident that you will pass the exam if you use these example tests like so:
1) Try the first test. Read up about topics where you answered questions wrong.
2) Study the concepts being tested. While doing so, leave yourself some time to forget exactly what questions/answers were in the test.
3) If you only get part of the way through an attempt before being overwhelmed by your knowledge gaps, stop! You don't have to finish the exam and it is more important that you learn the material that you have already observed. Don't bury yourself in more topics just yet. You'll burn out.
4) Try the first test again. Repeat until you can score 50% or more consistently.
5) Now try the second test. Repeat steps 2-4 as per test number 2 questions.
6) Try tests 1 & 2 until you can score 75-80% in both. Mix them up to avoid unintentional memorization.
7) Try the remaining tests at least once. Progress to each test just like before. It is important not to try these tests too soon. You will spoil the surprise and it will not be an accurate estimation of your preparedness if you try to take them again.
8) When you can score 75-80% on an unfamiliar test in the first attempt, now you're ready for the real thing.

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Re: Thank you

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Congratulations on passing the exam! We are happy to know that our study material was helpful in your preparation.

thank you for sharing your preparation strategy.
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