About Question enthuware.ocmjea.v6.2.127 :

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About Question enthuware.ocmjea.v6.2.127 :

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After some research, I've found that a single point of access for a few kind of systems, such as nonclustered file systems, would be a better choice for stability. This type of access management would be possible only in serial fashion interactions.

Therefore, because of the potencial issues associated with the management replicated message queues in a cluster, It is a good practice to move the singleton classes to business logic and handle the increasing load by scaling vertically. Thus, clustered applications are not good candidates for using a Singleton Pattern.

Regard to remote monitoring, a JMX Remote API connector must support concurrent requests and there is no requirement that a client receive a response for each request before sending the next request. This makes me think that "an application that requires remote monitoring capabilities" would not benefit from using the Singleton pattern.

*I've found these informations in:
- Architect Enterprise Application with JAVA EE Oracle Course.
- JavaTM Management Extensions (JMXTM) Remote API 1.0 Specification

What do you think, Enthuware?

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