JPA+ V6 for OCEJPA6 (Exam Code: 1Z0-898)

for Oracle Certified Expert - JPA Developer 6

4 Mock Exams - 256 Questions - NO FLUFF*

Exam Code - 1Z0-898
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*NO FLUFF - Don't be fooled by the number of questions. Unlike other certification tool vendors, JPA+ V6 does not contain trivial or repeated questions just to increase the number of questions. All the Questions in this product are good quality questions prepared to enhance your knowledge so that you don't have to waste your time in cutting through junk.

We have developed 250+ quality questions that help you understand the concepts covering all the objectives mentioned by Oracle. Our detailed explanations make sure that you understand them well. The real exam will be a breez after you study JPA+ V6 exams.

Try it out. You won't regret it.
Features -
  1. 250+ Questions with detailed explanations
  2. Questions covering all the concepts required for the exam
  3. Highly Customizable - Standard tests, Sectionwise/Objectivewise tests, and Custom tests
  4. Helpful URLs/Resources

It comes with free online support. If you have any doubt, unable to understand a concept, or if the given explanation does not quench your thirst for more, shoot us an email without hesitation. So, our relationship does not end till you get certified.

Quality Guarantee

We constantly work towards improving the quality of our products. If you find any three mistakes of any kind, we will refund your money in full.

Recommended Book(s)

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