What is ETS Editor

ETS Editor is used to develop mock exams. ETS Editor creates an ETS file to store these mock exams. Thus, this tool is for vendors of Mock Exams. If you just want to take mock exams, you need to use ETS Viewer.

ETS Editor is used extensively by Enthuware to develop mock exams and is provided free of cost to other mock exam developers.

The following is a brief list of features of ETS Editor -

  • Platform Independent - Since it is a Java application, it can be used on practically any platform. You can start creating a question bank on one platform and edit it on another. The users of the question bank can use it on any platform as well.
  • No Lock In - It is very easy to Import and Export questions from and to any format you need including a database. So you can use it to just manage your questions and then use any other tool for delivery to end users. Please see this to learn how to Export Questions from ETS Viewer.
  • Multiple Question Types - You can create several types of questions such as Multiple Choice, Fill in the blanks, Drag and Drop, and True/False.
  • Highly Customizable - It allows you to configure pretty much all aspects of a Mock Exam. Several parameters such as Time per question, passing marks, Number of correct options can be set for an individual Test as well as for a group of Tests.
  • Study Material - Besides questions, you can include any kind of study material such as pdf, doc, or image files and URLs for references.
  • User Features - Several features such as Leitner Learning Mode, Performance History, User Notes, Missed Question tracking, Customized tests, that are necessary for effective preparation are implemented right out of the box.
  • Security - It allows multiple authors to work on a question bank. Each Author gets his own login to the Question Bank. It can also encrypt the Question Bank using your own keys (which it helps you generate).
  • Licensing - You can enforce licensing on the Question Bank, which means that a user will be able to access it only if he has a valid license. A license cannot be modified by the user.
  • Updates - It automatically notifies the users of any updates to the Question Bank as well as to the application itself.
  • Community Features - It allows users of your Question Bank to chat among themselves and with you. It allows users to report their scores on mock as well as real exam.

There are many more features that make the life of a Mock Exam vendor easy. We are continuously working on making it better, so let us know if you have any idea.


ETS Editor is a Java application and it requires JDK (or JRE) 1.6 or higher installed on your computer.

For ALL Platforms - Download etseditor.jar (2.5MB) and run it using the following command line:
      java -jar c:\ets directory\etseditor.jar