How to study for 1Z0-817 OCP Java 11 Certification Upgrade Exam

Collection of books and resources for Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Programmer Certification Upgrade Exam 1Z0-817

As of this writing (Aug 2019), there are no books specifically geared towards OCP Java 11 Certification Upgrade 1Z0-817 Exam.

This should not be a cause of worry, however, because this exam is a lot easier than the OCP Java 11 Programmer Certification Part 2 1Z-816 exam. It covers a small range of topics. (If you are not sure whether you are eligible to take this exam, please see this flowchart.)

While developing OCP Java 11 Certification Upgrade 1Z0-817 mock exams, we went through a lot of material to get relevant information and have shortlisted the following books, articles, and links that will cover all that is required for this exam. If you are preparing to take the 1Z0-817 exam, this path should help you pass 1Z0-817 exam:
  1. Start with any OCP JP 8 (1Z0-809) book such as Boyarksy/Selikoff or Sierra/Bates.
  2. You need to go through only the following topics from the above books:
    1. Lambda Expressions (including functional interfaces)
    2. Parallel Streams
    3. Lambda Operations on Streams
    4. Language Enhancements - try with resources, multi catch
    5. Java File I/O (NIO.2)
  3. Study the following new topics from any Java 11 book such as Core Java Vol 2 or Herbert Schildt
    1. Create and use private, default, and static methods of interfaces
    2. Create functional interfaces
    3. Local variable type inferencing
    4. Use lambda expressions with type inferencing ( See this and this article. )
    5. Understanding Modules - You may either go through the initial few chapters of this book or go through online tutorials.
    6. Migration to Modular Application - Section 3 of The State of Module System (Read carefully)
    7. Modular services - Section 4 of The State of Module System (Read carefully)

After you are done with your reading, go through the best mock exams for Java 11 Upgrade 1Z0-817 certification :)

All the best!