How to pass 1Z0-819 OCP Java 11 Certification Exam

Collection of books and resources for Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Programmer Certification Exam 1Z0-819

27th Aug 2020
Oracle made a big surprizing annoucment that they are going to retire the two OCP Java 11 certification exams (1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816) at the end of Sep 2020 and replace them with just one exam - OCP Java 11 Developer Exam 1Z0-819.

Here is a detailed article about the new 1Z0-819 Exam that explains your options now.

If you look that the exam objectives of the 1Z0-819 exam, you will notice that they cover almost the same topics as 815+816. There are only a few minor changes, which are noted below. That means, although there is no book specifically written for the 1Z0-819 exam you can use old OCP Part 1 - 1Z0-815 book + OCP Part 2 - 1Z0-816 book to prepare for this exam. There are subtle changes in the exam and so, these books do not perfectly align with the new exam. However, you can still learn the basics from them and then follow up with Mock Exams.

The new exam has made three important changes in the objectives:
  1. Concurrency:
    Added: using different locking mechanisms
  2. Secure Coding in Java SE Application:
    Added: Secure resource access including filesystems, manage policies and execute privileged code
  3. JDBC:
    Added: process query results using JDBC API (Does it mean ResultSetMetaData is back? We don't know yet.)
There are some topics on which people haven't gotten any question. For example, Paths.relativize, JDBC Savepoints. We will know more about it as more people take this exam.

1Z0-819 Mock Exam Questions: It is more important than ever to use mock exams before appearing for 1Z0-819 exam because this exam covers a wide range of topics. They range from basic, such as variable decarations, classes, loops, conditionals, overloading, and overriding) to really advanced, such as concurrency, annotations, security, JDBC, and NIO. That's a lot of topics to study! It is not easy to remember all the information just by reading a book. You must train your mind to retain important information so that you can answer the questions in the exam. Practicing with mock exams will ensure that you will not skip over critical information. Of course, we recommend using Enthuware 1Z0-819 Mock exams. They contain more than 1000 questions with detailed explanations.

1Z0-819 Exam Dumps/Real Exam Questions: We do not recommend using exam dumps anyway. But for this exam, they are completely useless. Since the exam tests you on such a wide range of topics, it means that you may not get a question on all the topics in the exam. No one can cram 100s of questions and answers. It is therefore better to just study thoroughly to pass this exam.

While developing , we went through a lot of material to get relevant information and have shortlisted the following books, articles, and links that will cover all that is required for this exam. If you are preparing to take the 1Z0-819 exam, this path should help you pass it:
  1. Using the 815+816 Books: It is best to use the OCP Part 1 - 1Z0-815 book + OCP Part 2 - 1Z0-816 book because they cover all the topics required for this exam. Since the 815 and 816 exams have been discontinued, you might find them at a very low price.
  2. In addition to the above books, you may also study the following new topics from any Java 11 book such as Core Java Vol 2 or Herbert Schildt
    1. Create and use private, default, and static methods of interfaces
    2. Create functional interfaces
    3. Use lambda expressions with type inferencing ( See this and this article. )
    4. Migration to Modular Application - Section 3 of The State of Module System (Read carefully)
    5. Modular services - Section 4 of The State of Module System (Read carefully)
    6. Serialization - Read Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of Serialization Spec.
    7. Security - Read Full Secure Coding Guidelines.
    8. JDBC - Any book will do. Focus on PreparedStatement, how to commit/rollback. Ignore RowSet related topics.
    9. Formatting - Date formatting has two different methods. Using the old java.text package and using the new java.time.format package.  Not clear which one they are focussing on but there are questions on java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter for sure. Either way, go through the predefined formatters and pattern strings given in DateTimeFormatter API JavaDoc.
    10. Annotations - Sufficient to go through this trail.
After you are done with your reading, go through the best mock exams for Java 11 1Z0-819 certification :)

All the best!