How can I get updates?

We regularly enhance and improve our material. We also promptly fix any errors/mistakes that are reported by users. Upon any such change, we increase the version number of the Question Bank. ETS Viewer automatically checks the available version number with our server and if a higher version is available, it notifies the user about it. You can then download the latest Question Bank from the downloads page. There is no charge and no time limit for such updates.

How soon and how many times can I get an upgrade?

A new version of the actual exam may be released any time by the vendor. When that happens, we also come out with a new version of our question bank to reflect the new exam. We provide free upgrades to existing customers up to 2 months of their purchase. For example, if you purchased OCP Java 11 simulator from us today and if Oracle releases OCP Java 12 certification exam within 2 months of your purchase, you can ask for a free upgrade, provided we do have an upgraded version available for sale.

Free Upgrade is not applicable if Oracle already provides a Certification Exam for which we do not have a simulator at the time of your purchase.