How do I create customized tests in ETS Viewer?

Although Enthuware question banks contain several pre-configured tests such as Standard Tests as well as Objective-wise (aka topic wise) tests, you may create customized tests in ETS Viewer desktop application (not in web application). This feature is useful when you want to create a test on multiple topics or a test with a particular toughness level.

The following screenshots explain how to do so:

Right click on Custom Tests node to create a Test Criteria first

Select Create a test criteria

Give the test criteria a name

Design the test criteria and save it

Take the new test

Important: Note that questions for all kinds of tests come from the same question bank. Different types of tests are just different ways of viewing the same set of questions. Thus, if you take an Objective-wise/topic wise test or a custom test, and then take a Standard Test, some questions may be repeated because Objective-wise tests select random questions on a given topic, while Standard Tests contain a hardcoded list of question ids.

Standard Tests are unique in themselves. That is, every Standard Tests contains a different set of questions. Taking all of the Standard Tests ensures that you will see all of the questions available in the question bank. If you take an objective-wise test after taking all of the standard tests, you will NOT see any new question.