How do I get a refund?

We provide full refund within 3 months of purchase in the following two cases -

1. If you passed any one of the Standard Tests contained in our Question Bank on first attempt and still failed the actual exam. Taking the same test multiple times gives you a false sense on confidence because you already know the answers.
We strongly advise you against taking the actual exam unless you've cleared all the Standard Tests of our Question Bank. If you fail a Standard Test, do not rush to take the next test. Study the topics on which you scored less from a book first and then attempt the next test. We will need your login details to verify your score.

2. If you find any three technical mistakes in our material.

Please try the trial version before purchase. It is exactly same as the full version except that  it has less number of questions. The installation and licensing procedure for trial versions is also same so that there are no surprises when you purchase a full version.
Important - We do not accept refund requests for application not working on Linux versions. Although we have tested the application on various Linux versions, there are just too many combinations of Kernel, Desktop environment, and JDK to test. Please try the trial version and make sure it works on your version of Linux before purchase.