Lost my license key and password

Please note that we keep order information for six months after purchase only and our support is for this period only. But the desktop application license key will keep working. So, please keep the license key that we sent to you in email safe. It can be saved in a pure text file also.

If you have lost this license key, please enter your Orderid and Emailid in ETS Viewer's Automatic licensing tab and let it download the license key. Click on the Download button on that window after entering the orderid and emailid. Once it downloads the key, go to the Manual Licensing tab, copy the downloaded license key, and save it in a text file in your system for future use because it cannot be downloaded from our system 6 months after the purchase.

If you have lost the password to the web application, you may reset it from the web application main page itself. Enter your emailid and click on the Reset button. It will ask for your Order Id and reset the password to a random token string. Use this token string as the password. If you want to change the password, you can enter your emailid and this token string and click on "Change Password" button to change it.

If it has been more than six months after your purchase, we will be unable to provide the license key.