I want to purchase but I am concerned about security.

You have a valid concern. With every online transaction there is some security risk involved. Even big companies such as Yahoo have had a security breach. To mitigate this concern, we have the following process -
  1. At no time do we, at Enthuware, receive your credit card information. So there is no question of it being stolen from us. We just don't have it.
  2. Your credit card information is actually received and processed by FastSpring, a company that specializes in secure processing of online orders. It follows all the regulations associated with secure credit card processing. Further, even FastSpring does not store your credit card information after the order is complete. Hence, it cannot be retrieved by anyone later on. We, at Enthuware, receive just your name, emailid, and address after your card is charged. This information is used to generate the license.
  3. The credit card information is transmitted over HTTPS, which ensures that it cannot be stolen while in transit.
  4. Most orders do not need manual verification but some orders may trigger fraud check and for these orders a manual verification may be required and you may receive a phone call from FastSpring. For example, this may happen when the billing address and the location of your IP don't match. There are several other such checks, which reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.
Overall, please be assured that ordering online from our site is safe.