Why is using Java Certification brain dumps, real exam questions pointless?

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Why is using Java Certification dumps/real exam questions pointless?

There is only one reason why students think of using brain dumps for passing the Java Certification Exams such as OCAJP 8 or OCP 11. They want to show someone - their employer or the recuiter - that they passed the Java Certification exam.

But if you think about it, passing the exam using such means is completely useless. If you are already employed, you are most likely already experienced enough to pass the exam with a little bit of effort. Why not put in that effort and pass the exam? You will learn a few things and will also feel satisfied.

If you are looking for a job and want to show Java Certification on your resume, then you may be in for bigger trouble because you will be questioned in the interview on the topics that are covered in the certfication and you will not be able to answer those questions. You can't fake concepts if you don't know them. Even if you manage to get the job somehow, you will have to learn the basics anyway if you want to be able to perform your duties. So, why not learn the basics in the first place?

If you are serious about making a career in Java programming, then there is no short cut. Use genuine means to learn the basics and you will see a difference your performance in interviews as well as in your work on the job.

Some people feel that they know the concepts well but are not good at taking tests. That is just because of lack of practice and because of holes in their knowledge. Use our mock exams to get a feel of the real exam and also to identify if you are missing any key concepts.

Don't be afraid, Java Certification exams are not that hard if you study and practice well. You can do it.