Update on new OCAJP 11 - Java 9/10/11 Certification Exams

27th Aug 2020
Oracle made a big surprizing annoucment that they are going to retire the two OCP Java 11 certification exams at the end of Sep 2020 and replace them with just one exam - OCP Java 11 Developer Exam 1Z0-819.

Here is a detailed article about the new 1Z0-819 Exam that explains your options now.

1Z0-819 mock exams for OCP Java 11 Certification
Mock Exams for OCP Java 11 1Z0-819

23th April 2019
1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 Mock Exams are now available.

13th March 2019
Java 11 version of the OCAJP (Exam Code 1Z0-815) and OCPJP (Exam Code 1Z0-816) certifications have been made available by Oracle. Here are the official details of the Java SE 11 Developer Certification (Yes, they call it Java Se 11 "Developer" certification now.)

The new exams are quite a beast. You are required to answer 80 questions in 3 hours. But the passing score is low - only 63%. A cursory look at the official exam objectives tells you that most of the topics are same as before (See 1Z0-808 and 1Z0-815 objectives comparison). The only new addition is the Modular functionality of JDK. However, as explained in our post describing our OCP Java 11 Z10-815 exam experience, the objectives aren't too forthcoming about the topics covered by the questions of the exam. We saw questions on topics that are not mentioned explicitly, while questions on some topics required a lot more understanding than before.

If you are already an Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer for the Java 6, 7, or 8 platform, then you can take the Upgrade OCP Java 6, 7, and 8 to Java SE 11 Developer exam (Exam Code 1Z0-817).

As of 8th March 2019, there is still no news about Java 11 OCA OCP certifications or the updates to the Java EE (OCE) certifications. Here is the response received from Oracle OCP team:
Kindly note, as of now there is no communication or announcement regarding the release for Java 11 and upgrades for OCAJP 8 and Java EE 6. Candidates will be notified through our website if there is any update in java higher versions certification

Now that Java 11 has been released, you might be wondering when Oracle will update the Java certification exams, which are still stuck on an old version of Java, i.e., Java SE 8. Well, we are interested in knowing as well!

So, we inquired Oracle about their plans on Java certification updates. Specifically, we asked them when will they be releasing the updated Java certification exams. They responded that new version of the Java exam(s) will not be ready until early 2019 and that candidates will be notified through their website if there is any update in java higher versions certification.

We tried to probe further by asking whether the updated Java Certification exams will be for Java 9 or Java 10 or Java 11. On that, their response was that they do not have any update on this matter yet.

The bottom line is, we have no idea what is going on. It's Oct already and it is only a couple of months to go for 2019. If they can't tell even the target Java version for the new Java Certification exams, we doubt they will be able to come up with the new certification exam in early 2019 because it takes more than 6 months to develop the new questions, run the beta, and roll out the production version of the exam.

If you are waiting for the new Java certification exams, then we would not suggest you to hold your breath.