Feedback on Java SE 11 Programmer I 1Z0-815 Exam

OCP Java 11 1Z0-815 Mock Exams Released!
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Update : 1st Oct 2020
Oracle has discontinued 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 exams since 1st Oct 2020. There is now just one single exam 1Z0-819, which you have to pass to acquire OCP Java 11 Developer certification. There is no prerequisite for taking this exam.
Old OCAJP 8 and OCPJP 8 exams 1Z0-808 and 1Z0-809 have not been discontinued. You may still take those.
If you are already OCP 8 certified, you can take Java 11 upgrade exam 1Z0-817.

So, the new Java 11 certification exams are out and we have started working on our new mock exams suit for 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 certification exams. As you are probably aware, Oracle has changed the certification path a little bit and eliminated the "Associate" Level certification for Java programmers altogether. Instead of an OCA exam and an OCP exam, they now have two OCP exams - part 1 (1Z0-815) and part 2 (1Z0-816). You need to clear both the exams to earn the OCP certification. You can think of the OCP Java 11 Part I exam as the update to older OCA Java 8 exam. They have explained the reasoning behind it here.

How tough or different is the OCP Java 11 part 1 1Z0-815 certification exam?

As always, our content developers take the exams to make sure we understand the requirements of the exam well. Our OCPJP 11 mock exam content team took the new Java SE 11 Programmer I 1Z0-815 Exam recently and here is what they found out:

  1. Approach - The exam is not a whole lot different from the old 1Z0-808 exam. Of course, the exam topics have changed, so the questions are different but the overall approach is not a whole lot different. Most of the questions still test you on the fundamentals.

  2. Toughness - We found that the exam is a bit tougher than the older 1Z0-808 exam. As before, the questions require thorough knowledge of the fundamental concepts, however, the scope of a few topics have been increased. For example, you would not be tested on array cloning in the previous exam, but you would be on the new exam. Similarly, regarding collections, earlier you just need to learn about ArrayList but now you need to have a basic idea of Collection hierarchy i.e. Collection, List, Map, and HashMap classes/interfaces. Earlier, you did not have to worry about generics while overriding of methods but now you do.

    On the other hand, some topics such as the Date/Time API, which took too much time to master, have been removed. We did not get any question that required knowledge about the new Date/Time API other than what package they exist in.

  3. Vague objectives - The official exam objectives for the new exam are not quite as detailed as the previous version. For example, the new exam objectives do not explicitly mention == and equals method but does have questions that require their understanding. The exam objectives do not include I/O classes but some questions assume that you are aware of IOException and FileNotFoundException classes. In lambdas, you now need to know about Supplier interface also although it is not mentioned in the objectives. Exam objectives do not mention annotation at all but we got questions that used @Override annotation. There are a few more such things.

  4. New topics - There have been a lot of changes in Java 11 but we found that only a few of those changes have permeated into the new exam. Most notably, the usage of var declaration and modules. Although we got only a few questions on the modules functionality (only about 4-5), the var declaration was used in a lot of questions. So, you do need to know about both of them thoroughly. Regarding the modular functionality, you will need to know how to code and also about various command line options such as --module-path --show-module-resolution, and -m.

Can I use 1Z0-808 resources to prepare for 1Z0-815 exam?

Finally, the million dollar question - Can you prepare for the new exam using existing material geared towards the old 1Z0-808 exam? If you are a Java beginner, then no, you should not take the new exam without going through material meant for the new exam. If you are an experienced Java developer (and by experienced, we mean really experienced!), and if you are willing to learn about the Supplier interface, var declarations, and modules functionality on your own (this is a good book for learning modularity), then yes, it is possible to pass the new 1Z0-815 exam using old material. You will miss a few questions on account of a methods and classes that were not on the old exam, but you will pass.

In fact, the OCAJP 8 Fundamentals book written by our expert Hanumant Deshmukh already does cover a lot of "new" old topics that other OCAJP 8 books did not cover. For example, our book covered array cloning, String/StringBuilder methods, and Collection, List interfaces (it did not cover Map and HashMap though).

However, the exam is not cheap, so why take the risk? The best option is to just wait for a few weeks for our new OCP Java 11 mock exams to be released :)

Which Java 11 books can be used to prepare for the OCP Java 11 exams meanwhile?

There are several good books on Java 11 such as Core Java I and Java In a Nutshell. However, the problem with Java 11 books that are not targeted for the certification exam is that they spend too much time on details that are not required for the exam and skip too many details that are actually are required. That is why we do not recommend any particular book for preparing for the exam. You can, however, pick up either of the above books and focus only on the topics that are required for the exam. Always keep official exam objectives handy so that you can check whether a particular topic is required or not.