Time required to pass OCP Java 17 exam

Time to prepare for OCP Java certification exam Determining the time required for passing the OCP Java 17 exam is highly dependent upon your current experience and expertise. The following estimates are based on our experience.

If you are:
  1. New to programming: 1+ Year 
  2. An expert in another language such as Python or JavaScript: 6+ months 
  3. Experienced in Java and have been programming in Java professionally for about an year: 3+ months 
  4. Already OCA 8 certified recently: 3+ months
  5. Already OCP 8 or OCP 11 certified recently: 1+ months 
This assumes about 3 hours of study per day. Study incudes reading book(s), writing test programs, and attempting mock exams. 

To get a better estimation for yourself, we suggest you to take a mock exam and see how you score. If you are able to pass the mock exam, you can go through the rest of the mock exams one by one (one per day), go through all the explanations after each mock exam. 

If you fail the mock exam but score above 50%, you may require about 1 month of effort to raise your score by 10 points. You will need to go through the topics on which you scored less from a book and write test programs before taking the next mock exams.

If you score too low, then you should to take a month or two to go through a book first and then come back to the mock exams.

Ideally, your score should increase with each mock exam and you can consider yourself ready if you are able to score about 75%.

But again, the above are just estimates based on our experience in training students. Only you know how you study and how fast you can learn new concepts. 

All the best!