JDevPlus - Your Guide To OCMJD/SCJD

If you are planning to pursue or if you are currently working hard towards Oracle Certified Master - Java Developer Certification (formerly SCJD) and if you need any kind of help, let us know. We provide professional help and guidance to develop your project work.
We have gone through the same route that you are going through and we understand that the there is not much material available for the SCJD exam for people who are just starting out in the exciting world of Java development. You can certainly develop the project by studying through books, but you will not know whether what you have developed is a good enough or not. We guide you at each step to ensure that you understand how theoretical concepts are implemented in real code.
We can help you in implementing your assignment by reviewing and discussing your design. We provide you with the necessary feedback on your code and the faults that it may have. We critically analyse your work as the actual examiner would so that you can submit your assignment with confidence. 
To suit your needs we offer three levels of support -

1. Complete Project Development Guidance

If you are very new to Java Development and have no idea how to even begin project development, this level is for you. We will help you step by step in designing and implementing your project. Remember that, we do not develop the project for you but we guide you by giving instructions, which include links that you need to study if we feel that you have not understood certain concept, so that you become able to develop it on your own. Please see further details here.

2. Pre Submission Validation

If you are somewhat experienced in Java and do not feel the need for hand holding while developing the project but at the same time you are not very sure that what you have developed is correct, this level is for you. Once you have developed your project, you can show it to us. We will inspect it, test it, and give you feedback. We will explain to you if anything is wrong or if anything needs to be improved in your implementation. You can work on the suggestions and show them to us again before finally submitting it to Sun. Please see further details here.

3. Sample Project

If you are moderately experienced in Java and if you are hard pressed for time or you just want to see sample project implementations using multiple approaches, this level is for you. We provide complete solution to a project that is very similar to the OCMJD/SCJD Assignment. Our implementation illustrate the RMI as well as Socket approach, with and without lock cookie. Please note that the sample implementation is NOT for the actual SCJD project that you get from Oracle/Sun for SCJD. Though it is similarly structured to illustrate all the aspects of the project. Please see further details here.