Are Java Certifications worth it?

how java certification can benefit your professional career
If you have ever wondered, "should I take Java certification exam?" or "Are Java Certifications worth it?", read on.

Many people will try to disuade you from going for certifications. You will hear statements such as, "certification doesn't prove you can program", or "java certification is useless" or "nobody cares about java certifications". You should ignore such naysayers. The fact is Java certifications are a good addition on your resume. Companies looking for interns look for candidates whose basic Java concepts are clear. Oracle Java certifications show that you have learned at least the fundamentals of the Java language and will be able to code correctly.

Also, remember that it is not the paper certificate but the things that you learn while achieving Java certification that make you stand apart. So, make sure you study well for the certification. Don’t go for java certification dumps. Use legitimate books and mock exams that accurately reflect the style and standard of real questions.

Benefits of Java Certification

If you are trying to find out the dollar increment in your salary after acquiring Java certification, then you have missed the point altogether. The benefit of Java Certification is that you become better equipped to do your job well and thereby become more productive for your employer. While studying for Java certification, you learn important techniques that you may not have used before. You learn the logic behind a lot the things that you did earlier. This gives you confidence and that confidence translates into better career prospects. Nobody pays for mere degrees and certifications. But the Java Certification process provides a structured methodology to acquire useful skills, which is what the employers want.

Generally, Associate and Professional level Java certifications are regarded as proof of knowledge of a Java programming and Expert level Java Certifications are regarded as proof of specific areas of Java technology stack such as EJB, JPA, Web Services, and Servlet/JSP. Thus, to summarize,

  • Java certification places you ahead of the job applicants with no certification for Java related jobs.
  • The Java certification exams test you on Java language fundamentals. Therefore, in job interviews, you are better prepared to answer seemingly tricky and hard questions than other candidates.
  • The skills gained while preparing for a Java certification will make you more productive on the job.