Purchasing Java Certification exam voucher from Oracle

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER : We have no relation with Oracle. We receive many queries from students regarding issues they face while purchasing exam vouchers from Oracle in India and this information is provided merely to help students purchasing vouchers from Oracle based on our experience.

How to purchase Java Certification exam voucher from Oracle?

Unfortunately, purchasing exam voucher from Oracle's website is not a straight forward process. Here are the steps to purchase OCA Java Certification Exam Voucher from Oracle. Note that these steps are applicable for all countries including India.
  1. First, you have to register yourself on Oracle's site but before you proceed make sure that your country is selected in the Country drop down on the top right corner of the site: Oracle OCP Java Certification change country

  2. Next, use the links on the above mentioned page to go to the correct certification page. The site is a maze, so you will have to go through several pages. Eventually, you will have to reach the certification specific page, such as this one for 1z0-808: Direct link to OCA Java 8 1Z0-808 certification detail page. Here is the link for OCP Java 17 1Z0-829 exam. As of March 2023, the exam page looks like below:

    Oracle OCP Java Certification Exam page

    Click on "Buy Exam" button to reach to the following page:
    Oracle OCP Java Certification Voucher  page
    Select the "Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Technology Exams" and click on Add to cart. If you want to take the Java Foundations 1z0-811 exam, select " Oracle Foundations Exams for Students" option.

    You can click on "View Details" to see the exams that you can take using this voucher.
    Oracle OCP Java Exams page

  3. You can pay for it using Credit card, but most of the times, Credit Card purchase fails. Even though the card is valid, the transaction is rejected without giving any reason. Usually the reason is that Oracle charges in US Dollars but some non-US/non-Euro cards not have international payments enabled by default. If it fails for you, use the Electronic Funds Transfer (or Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer) option to purchase. This option allows you to pay through NEFT/RTGS. Check out this page for the exact Oracle account information for bank transfer specific to your country.
  4. After entering student and customer details, select "Electronic Funds Transfer".
    Purchasing certification exam voucher from Oracle using Electronic Funds Transfer
    The "Reference Number" field is for your own reference. You may enter any number here. Later, you may specify this same number in the NEFT details (if your bank allows it, otherwise, you can ignore it).

    If the Electronic Funds Transfer option is not available, use "Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer" option. In the "Wire / Deposit" text box, enter "Wire Transfer" as shown in the image below. Purchasing exam voucher from Oracle
  5. You don't have to pay them at this time. Just complete the check out process. This will create an order with an order id such as o1234567. You will also get an email about it with an invoice containing the exact amount that you need to transfer. They will use the reference number that you entered above on this invoice. After a couple of days, you will get another email intimating that you have to now complete the payment for your order. Usually, they send their bank details also in this email, but if they don't, you can check this page for the exact Oracle account information for bank transfer specific to your country.
  6. You can now pay the amount mentioned in the invoice through NEFT or RTGS. Once done, open a support ticket on Oracle Certification support site asking them to process the order. Mention the Invoice Number and other details in the ticket. You will receive the voucher in email in a another couple of days.
    Oracle certification customer support ticket system

    They are very slow to respond. So, be patient.

Scheduling the exam

  1. Once your purchase of an exam voucher is complete, you will receive an email with your voucher number and a link to "Oracle Exam Attempt Administration Tool". You have to go to this tool and use your emailid (the same one that you used to purchase the exam voucher) to schedule an exam attempt. One exam voucher is good for scheduling one exam attempt.
  2. Once you schedule your exam, just follow instructions given on the same site.
  3. If you have any issue with the voucher or scheduling exam, just contact Oracle Certification Support.
All the best!