OCP Java 17 Certification 1Z0-829 Question Distribution

Java Certification 1Z0-829 Question Distribution OCP Java 17 certification exam is a tough exam to pass even for experienced developers. It covers a broad range of topics and most of the topics require deep study as well. Since it is also an expensive exam to take, students are interested in knowing as much about the type and style of questions as possible so that there are no surprises in the exam and they pass in the first attempt.

As a student, we want you to study all topics thoroughly. However, we all know that time is limited and you would want to allocate your study time most efficienly. You wouldn't want to spend too much time studying a topic that has very low weightage on the exam and too little time on something that is asked a lot in the exam. Unfortunately, Oracle does not specify the weightage of the topics. Further, since the examinee gets only 50 questions in the exam, there is no guarantee that two candidates will get the same question distribution. Even so, in the past few months we have been taking feedback from our classroom training who appeared for the exam to find out the number of questions they got on a topic. The following table summarizes this feedback. Even though this is not guaranteed and you may see a very different question distribution in your exam, this data might help you focus on important topics if you are short on time.

Exam Topic Expected Number of Questions
Arrays and Collections 2 – 4
Concurrency 3 – 5
Control Flow (Loop, switch, if/else) 0 – 2
Date/Time API 1 – 3
Exception Handling 2 – 4
Java I/O 3 – 5
Java I/O – Serialization 1 – 2
Java OOA 2 – 4
Java OOA – GC 1 – 2
Java OOA – instanceof 0 – 1
Java OOA – Overloading, Overriding, Interfaces 4 – 6
JDBC 1 – 3
Lambda 1 – 2
Localization 1 – 3
Math API 0 – 1
Modules 3 – 5
Arithmetic/Boolean Expressions(Operators, Promotion, Casting) 1 – 2
Records 1 – 2
Sealed Classes 1 – 3
Streams 4 – 6
String/Text 2 – 4