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How to prepare for Java OCA OCP 11 1Z0-815 1Z0-816 exams

It is has been only a few weeks since the new Java 11 OCA/OCP certification 1Z0-815, 1Z0-816, and 1Z0-817 exams have been released. We have been getting questions every day about how to prepare for these exams and so we would like to answer them here.

Earlier, Oracle used to run beta versions of the Java OCA/OCP exams for several months before releasing the final version. This gave a lot of time to authors to create study material for these exams. This time, however, Oracle released the production versions these exams without any notice or without releasing the beta versions. That is why there are no books or mock exams to prepare for these exams in the market as of 14th April 2019.

We mentioned in an earlier write up about our experience on the OCP 11 1Z0-816 exam, that this exam is similar to the OCA Java 8 exam in terms of toughness but there are several changes in the exam. So, using existing OCA Java 8 exam study books and mock exams to prepare for the new OCP Java 11 certification exam will be very dangerous. If you still want to do it, here are the steps for how you should go about about the 1Z0-815 exam (we will update this article for 1Z0-816 exam later):

  1. See the comparison of exams objectives for 1Z0-808 and 1Z0-815 first. Make a note of the topics that have been added (most notably Modularization and var declarations) and of the topics that have been removed (most notably the Date/Time API).

  2. Go through a book for the OCA 8 exam and take OCA 8 mock exams. There are a lot of common topics and the concepts are still applicable to OCP 11 part 1. But ignore the Date/Time API related content.

  3. OCP 11 part 1 (1Z0-815) exam is a little more advanced than OCA 8 (1Z0-808) exam on overriding of methods with respect to generics. So read up on how generics affect the return type in overriding of methods.

  4. Read about modularization topic from online tutorials. You may also go through Chapters 1 to 6 of this book.

  5. Read about new features of added in Java 9, 10, and 11. You can google them. There are several online articles about them. You need to focus on the following topics:
    1. Modularization
    2. Local variable type inference (var declarations)
    3. New methods in String/StringBuilder
    4. New methods in Collections API (Set.of/List.of)

  6. Finally, if possible, avoid taking the new OCP 11 exams without going through new study material. Take the OCA Java 8 1Z0-808 exam instead, and after a few months, when material for new exam is available, directly go for OCP Java 11 Part 2 1Z0-816 exam.

All the best!