Steps for taking the OCP Java 11 Certification Part 1 1Z0-815 Exam

The following are the exact steps for taking the OCP Java 11 Part 1 1Z0-815 Certification exam.

Steps for Java Certification Exam

  1. Understand OCP Java Certification Path and Eligibility: Multiple versions of the Java Programmer Certification are available. Therefore, first, you should go through this OCP Java Certification paths and eligibility details.

  2. Buy Voucher: Once you have decided that you want to take the OCP Java 11 Part 1 1Z0-815 Exam, go to Oracle's Java 11 Certification exam page and purchase an exam voucher. An exam voucher is just a long alphanumeric code (something like ORAY1234567FA). A voucher is required for taking the exam. Price for the voucher depends on the country. Payment procedure also varies from country to country. There is a link to "Buy a Voucher" on this site. Just follow the procedure given there.
    You will also be required to register on Oracle's site.

  3. Schedule the exam: Oracle's certification exam are conducted by a third party company named Pearson Vue. This company owns the exam centers all over the world. Go to their website to select an exam center and schedule the exam. You will be able to select a date and time from available slots on their website. You will require the voucher in this step. You can't schedule the exam without the voucher.
    You are allowed to reschedule the exam 48 hours before the exam for no extra charge.

  4. Taking the Exam: Reach the exam center at least half an hour early for your appointment and bring two forms of ID. Follow Pearson Vue's guidelines regarding the exam.

  5. Result: Your exam result will be emailed to you within a few hours after you finish your exam. Some people have gotten the result in 5 minutes and some got it after 24 hours. So, be patient. Contact Oracle if you have any issue.

  6. Oracle's CertView: Oracle maintains your certification attempts, scores, and results. You may see your exam details by loggin on to Oracle's Certview database.

  7. Taking the Java Certification exam at home/office: It is not necessary for you to go to a test center to take the exam. You can take the exam at your home or office also if you have a computer with web cam and good internet connection. Check out Pearson Vue's Online Proctored Exam page for complete details.

Don't be afraid, Java Certification exams are not that hard if you study and practice well. You can do it.