Should I use Standard Tests or Objective-wise Tests?

Standard Tests and Objective-wise Tests are two different ways of accessing the same set of questions. You should use only one type of tests. In other words, if you take all of the Standard Tests, you would have seen all the questions in the question bank. You will NOT see any new question if you then take Objective-wise tests. Similarly, if you take Objective-wise tests, you will not see new questions in Standard Tests. For the same reason, you should not rely on the score of Standard Tests, if you have already attempted Objective wise tests.

When to take Standard Tests

Standard Tests tests mimic the real test in terms of content and toughness. If you have experience with the technology, or if you are already done with your preparation from a book, you may start directly with these tests.

You should start with the first Standard Test. Your score on this test will tell you how well you are prepared for the actual test. You should make a note of all the topics on which you score less and study them from a book. After going through the book, review all the questions of the test one by one and read the explanation for each question, including the questions that you answered correctly, and then attempt the next Standard Test.

Important - If you fail a Standard Test, you should NEVER attempt the next Standard Test before going through a book and learning about the topics on which you scored less. If you move to the next test before doing that, then you will not be able to perform well on the real test.

You should never take the same Standard Test twice. This is because you will inadvertently remember the answers and you will invariably score a lot higher on this attempt. This creates a false sense of confidence, which will cause you a problem in the real test. Remember, your objective is to improve your score on the subsequent test, not on the same test.

When to take Objective-wise Tests

If you are just starting your preparation from a book and if you want to test your knowledge on a particular chapters, you may use the respective Objective wise test.

Important - We do not recommend relying on the scores obtained in Objective wise tests because they do not simulate the real exam. There is no guarantee that you will pass the real exam even if you pass a few of Objective wise tests. This mode of preparation is helpful only when you are going through a training program and being guided appropriately by a teacher.